Chickpeas Saag Soup | Chinese Spinach Chickpeas Soup

Chickpeas Saag Soup is a very healthy and satisfying dish, which can be served in either lunch or dinner. This recipe requires minimal ingredients and very less effort. The main ingredients of this soup are chickpeas and Saag. As you know, chickpea is full of protein and Saag has lots of fibers. If you want…

Chana Masala | Ghughani | How to Make Chana Masala

Chana Masala is also known as Ghughani. This dish used to be my everyday evening snacks. But, It can be served at lunch or dinner, with rice, paratha, or puri. It is a good substitute for proteins for a vegetarian. It is very common in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal in India, and in Nepal….